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There are a couple of reasons why I do this weekly post, MyView Mondays.  

One, it keeps me focused on the world around me and gets me thinking outside my self, my thoughts, and instead look to others.  Trying to notice if there is something new or different or interesting.  Perhaps thought-provoking. 

The second reason is that I was struggling somewhat with this business of blogging.  Feeling like there were times I couldn’t freely write or comment on life here, but figured a picture could tell the story without me having to say anything.

Though I haven’t given it much attention lately  I hope to do so as the temperatures cool down here over the next while, allowing me to get outside for a “look-see” more often.

Though each of us look at the same things we all perceive them in our own unique way. 

Here’s someone who’s taken a different view… of how the guitar can be played. 

Someone who’s looked and listened to something as simple as playing the guitar.  As we all have.  But then decided to do it his own way.  Beautiful.

Which is why I’m always full of hope and optimism.   Through our own uniqueness and creativity, I am assured we will find many new ways to change the world for the better.  We just have to have a look around then decide to somehow do things differently.

Looking for new views… new ways….