It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week.       

New to the streets of Doha – traffic police writing tickets for seatbelt infringements.    


Now if we could only get the law changed so that passengers in the back seats of vehicles ALSO HAVE TO WEAR seatbelts.    

I don’t get it.  Watching parents strapped in for safety while their kids are roaming around the vehicle without any seatbelts on.  And, more often than not, the kids are in the front seats anyways (which they shouldn’t be) so their not wearing seatbelts IS then against the law.  I cannot imagine protecting myself but not my child.  I think education, instead of ticketing people, would make a world of difference.     

instead of a bucket

So much for the guys using a bucket of water to clean cars while we’re off shopping.  Now they’re outfitted with some kind of mobile kit including a hose to wash vehicles while they’re parked.  I wonder where they’re getting the water from.  Remember, it IS against the law here now to use potable water for washing cars.  Washing cars ….. like most everyone does here …. every day!   

trying to get some work

These men sit at this corner day after day, hoping to get an offer of even a couple of hours work.  Man, what a life!   

Below is a residential street just around the corner from our kids’ school.  You’d think with the barbed wire attached to the fencing this was a prison or something, but I believe it’s just a housing compound. I guess that’s one way to keep intruders out!   


But wait.  If you want to save a little time or money in building a structure meant to keep people from hopping the fence, there’s another method you might consider….. just a little further on.   



A closer look in case you weren’t quite sure what it is they’ve put on top of the fence.   

broken glass embedded in the top of the fence

OUCH!  Yep, those are glass shards that must have been stuck in the wet cement.  A rather simple, but effective solution I suppose.   

whatever works!

 I’m just glad I know it’s there… and will definitely KEEP OUT!