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It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week. 

vanilla with a caramel dip

From what little I know about this, when people drive to/from Saudi they have their vehicles sprayed with this sand colored protective coating… so their vehicle doesn’t get damaged making the journey.  I wonder what could be damaging?  Regardless, it reminded me of a vanilla sundae with caramel sauce.  (Me and food…) 

this is going to be….?

These buildings have been sitting vacant since the Asian Games back in 2006.  I read in the newspaper a couple year’s they were to be used as a new Children’s hospital and that Qatar was going to model it after Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, in Canada. Haven’t seen anything happening yet… 

al Bida Park. I always use it as a landmark when driving towards the Corniche

A river runs through it

and comes out the other side

I like these signs dotted around town. Cause me to think.

Free water. Though you can't be seen drinking it during the day. Ramadan is almost over ....

Recycling bins! If only I could believe this didn't end up with the rest of the trash in a landfill.

Orrie the Oryx still standing. Mascot from the 2006 Asian Games.

Achieve.... hmmmm....what can I achieve today?

10kg box from The Green Box that we're trying for the first time. Looks pretty good!

How about …. sticking with healthy fruits and veggies.  Maybe this box of goodies will help?

There I am again.  Started and ended with food.  Must be this business of fasting… which will be all over and done with this time next week!