It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week.       

This week…. finding our way home, taking a Spin around, can’t possible be winter yet…, Blast Off, CC all set – but any takers, now why didn’t I think of that, ready for Eid, quality is optional, and how could I ever forget???  

After the frustrating week we had during our last week of holidays trying to sort return flights home, we were  finally in the Stockholm airport awaiting our departure last Monday. Of course, we had to have one last cinnamon bun…before hopping on our plane.  It was the start a long travel day. Up at 6am to catch our first flight at 10:35am to Paris.  Then Paris to Dubai, Dubai to Doha….finally arriving home at 2:30am local time (1:30am local time from where we started).   

While at the airport, DH telling another story I suppose...

and kids listening - I think??

Yes, if  you noticed. Our kids were drinking Pepsi for breakfast while DH and I had our last Swedish ‘Kaffe’… 

First on the agenda in the morning was picking up some food. A new grocery store to check out - Spinney's!

Wow, it looked fantastic!

OMG - they have my special coffee that I haven't had in about 4 years!!!

Too funny! The clerks were walking around in winter jackets stocking the shelves. (However, I give the store mgmt credit for at least looking after their staff...)

Even the freezer section was looking pretty good!

In my opinion the selection all looked better than it actually was.  Other than a couple of finds (Cafe Vienna, Shake-n-Bake) Spinney’s was no different than most stores here.  In fact the produce was rather parched and pathetic and seemed substantially overpriced.  However the fish appeared fresh, of good variety, and I did notice local Qatar shark on display.  (I didn’t know we had sharks in our waters!!!)  Unlike the Spinney’s in Dubai there was no section to purchase any of those ‘special meats’ prohibited in this country.  One can always hope, but that is probably my being ever-so-optimistic about such things!

New office tower (far right) on the Corniche finally looks finished

Always new architecture in MyView!

I'm sure Ramadan shopping is in full-swing at City Centre Mall, however I don't know anyone who goes there anymore as there's never any parking to be found!

And will you look at this? Construction of the first above-ground pedway in Qatar! Let's hope the idea catches on elsewhere in the city!

Not a great shot, but the new grand mosque looks almost finished. I bet the plan is to open in time for Eid celebrations! Will they make it in time....?

Another new grocery store also opened while we were on holidays.  It’s only around the corner from our place so I paid it a visit late this afternoon.  Much to my surprise it wasn’t too bad.  Having an entry at the rear of the store is perfect for me as I can get there from around our back alley. An alternative to the horrific traffic around our place is always a bonus!!!!!   

The new Quality Hypermarket on Salwa Road...(rear View)

So I didn’t forget where in the world I was shopping today after all the travelling the past month… the ASR Call-to-Prayer (3:06pm today) started playing in the store.  And it was a loud reminder!  I didn’t dare take my camera out as the store was packed so I left it in my purse and started recording.  If you’re interested, have a listen as I only recorded about 40 seconds of what went on for about 10 minutes.   


and on that note, “catch you later”!