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It is almost 3 weeks since I left on vacation and I’ve only blogged once. 

There are some practical reasons for this and of course the main one is time.  Lack of time.  We tend to be busy and on-the-go most of the day, every day.

Secondly, access to my laptop.  Dear daughter is also using mine so any down time we have, has to be split 2 ways.  Or if DH gives his laptop to the boys for a while, it’s then split 3-ways.

But also I’ve come to realize it’s generally not the BIG THINGS in life happening around me that I like to reflect on and write about, but the small things.  Those Barely Noticeable things.   Which for the most part go un-noticed when you’re trying to take in all the newness of the surroundings when in a foreign land.

Whizzing through Paris on a bus, floating down the canals in Amsterdam.  Touring Copenhagen on Segways like we did yesterday.  Not only am I busy inhaling the fresh outdoor air (yes, you can find this even in these big cities), but the eyes can barely keep up taking in all the sights.  Ears can barely keep track of the sounds.  Nose is busy with the smells of Belgian chocolate on freshly made waffles and the like.  It is overwhelming. 

Not to mention what’s going on in the old noggin!  Trying to pack it all in neatly so I can recall it tomorrow or years later…

At the moment I’m in Sweden which is the country of my family’s heritage.   Today, while I’m here, my family is all back in Canada to celebrate and remember my Dad’s life, who passed away in January (but they delayed any memorial service until today).  This is the homeland of his family, his parents, who immigrated to Canada in the early 1900’s.  We hadn’t planned to be here today for this reason.  In fact, I didn’t realize this is where I would be, until a couple weeks ago.

I was ‘estranged’ I guess you could call it, from my Dad for the past 17 years.  So, it’s with mixed feelings I think about today’s events.  Not that I know anything about them.  For some reason I’ve been left out of it all.  I guess whoever’s arranging it all figured I didn’t want or need to know. 

I do know that the feelings and memories of things Swedish linger on in me….. which means that my Dad’s life (and/or my grandparents lives) have influenced mine in some warm, wonderful ways and I will be focused on them today, in his memory.

Good things.  Bad things.

Big things.  Small things. 

I am still a firm believer that it’s all those small things that make the biggest impact, no matter what they are.