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It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week.  

This week…. on the corniche, wedding gifts, neighbors front and back, Pearl villa, yummiest breakfast, rescue operation, almost in Venice! 

The Sheraton Hotel, probably the oldest landmark here


A conversation


Where I used to work - beautiful surroundings


Another view of Salam & Al Mirqab Towers


I can't recall what's housed inside this floating structure....a library? Can anyone else remember?


Gifts for guests at the wedding we attended


The Godiva chocolate was very yummy - chocolate ganache inside!


Neighbor in front of us, moving out


The neighbors behind us - no idea who they might be!


Qatar Islamic Cultural Center


Villa under construction out at The Pearl


A very LARGE bowl of granola from Dean & Deluca. Too much to finish!


But I managed to polish off my waffles!


Don't depend on any employees to help you out when stuck inside a faulty changing room.... another shopper and I finally rescued the very distraught women inside today!


And now to just float off into the sunset....in Villaggio Mall!


As you can see there’s beauty, diversity, good food and adventures of sorts to be found here.  However, I am MORE THAN READY to leave on our vacation.  Well, only 10 more sleeps!!!!  Not that I’m counting….