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It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week.

who's lettin' in all the hot air?

another day, another sandstorm

mosque outside our compound and Aspire Torch in the distance

seems we have a new pet (baby gecko) in the house, only 2" long

We were out Thursday night for dinner at Villagio Mall.  As we were walking out DH gasped somewhat.  I turned to see what he had been looking at, but only saw the view from a distance and from the rear.  A young man was dressed in black motorbike ‘armour’ is how I would best describe it….on the upper portion of his body.  On the lower portion of his body were pink jammer shorts.   


We walked out of the mall and what stood before us was this bike.  We could only guess who the driver might be….. 

Yes, I think it was the "Funky Monster" himself!

beautiful mosque close to our place

minaret up close

Friday at the pool

pretty quiet, mind you it's noon and about +48C

view to the kiddie pool

This is the little shop I talked about in Another Drug Tale.   It has suffered a fire and is completely gutted inside. Not sure if they will re-open or not. 

shop destroyed by fire

And this is the fate of my drive-through coffee shop, on the far left, which has also closed its doors. 

no more Caribou coffee drive-through!

grocery store that stocks the most North American food items!

some of Qatar Foundation's PR campaign, on display at the Corniche

typical construction site in the midst of a neighborhood - always a mess!

wheelbarrows men use to help cart your fruit & veggies back to your car...at the fruit & veg market. Sitting idle at the end of the day

following on from last week - a man and a dog, doing what they like best


coffee shop decked out for World Cup

area to watch the World Cup in CC Mall, but only 2 viewers in the stands. Lots viewing from outside - wonder if they were not allowed inside....?

the new Tornado Tower at dusk

construction workers heading home after a hard day out in the sun!

There are probably half a million of these men here who spend their days, outside, in the heat, the humidity, working towards a better life for themselves and their families back home – wherever that may be. 

I can barely manage a mere 5 minutes out in the heat of the day.  My hardships, my struggles, pale in comparison.