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Speaking of lessons not learned here is another I noticed today.

Every morning I step on the scale. I’m not sure why I do this as the numbers never change much.  Why should they?  Did I do anything different yesterday that would cause this dramatic weight loss I seem to expect each morning?  Not at all.

Two of our teenaged kids have not been particularly hungry for the last 2 days.  Youngest son wasn’t feeling all that well on Monday so perhaps that’s his excuse.  Dear daughter though, was also not hungry.  So they didn’t eat much.  In fact on Tuesday night, dear daughter didn’t eat dinner at all.

I’m glad they don’t eat when they’re not hungry.  I wish I could be the same way.

As cute little kiddies and subsequently all through their life till now we’ve never insisted they had to eat everything on their plate.  Or, we’ve not used the line that they had to eat all their food “as there are children starving in India who would appreciate it”.  Those old, cliché statements that get tossed around as part of the coercion taking place.   Now, I shouldn’t say “never”, as I’m sure when we felt they were just messing about they were scolded or made to at least try something new.  But in our home you don’t have to eat everything on your plate ‘just because’. 

When they were little this didn’t always go over so well with others.  Even as they grew older.  We noted when other people forced their kids to eat everything on their plate.  Or made them eat things they hated.  That might be right for them for whatever reason, but it’s not the way we decided to work things with regards to eating habits.  I can remember looks from some who couldn’t believe we’d let the kids excuse themselves from the table without finishing everything, just because they’d had enough to eat.  We figured it made sense to make available balanced healthy meals and then let the kids choose what and how much to eat.  They would hopefully learn to eat according to their body’s needs.

Dear husband is somewhat similar to the kids’ his eating habits as he will often leave just a spoonful on his plate.  One spoonful.  Like that’s too much to add into his stomach.

Me? Hardly ever.  I’m not sure why that is.  One reason is I love to eat most things, so why would I choose to waste something so tasty?  It could be a habit that I don’t even think about anymore.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could learn to pay attention to my body and feed it when it’s hungry? Push my plate away when I’m full?

But back to that scale. 

You’d think I would get this.  Calories in vs. calories expended.  Expend more than consumed = weight loss. I eat mostly the same way every day.  Most days I do a little exercise.  Why then, would I expect any weight loss if I haven’t changed either?  For whatever reason, I get on that scale only to be disappointed in myself.  What a lousy way to start the day! 

Tomorrow it’s getting moved.  Somewhere. Anywhere.  So I don’t have to be reminded  first thing in the morning of any progress I may or may not have made with regards to trimming the tummy a little.  

Rather, I need to listen up.  To my body.  To my family.  Learn to follow their lead a little.