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It’s Just What I See….   

'Widdings' are held down the street from us in tents, each weekend!

Closest thing to W-T-P honeypots I've ever seen!

My family would suggest this should be my beverage of choice!

New mosque being built across from the Equestrian Center

Trucks and workers for hire, any time, any day

I wonder if they enforce these rules at this compound swimming pool? No housemaids. No children without their family.

A boy and a dog, doing what they like best!

Dang it's hot outside - time for ice cream!

The previous pictures were from last week.  These are from maybe the last month or so, but I wanted to include them as well.  

Cup of soda pop, from Subway store.

This promotion ended 2006 - wonder what shelf life of the cup is??

Lebanese sweets - gift from DH's friends

Gorgeous peony - couldn't resist buying one

Lights at Oriental Carpet. Haven't decided to buy one or not, yet...

Nothing like using a world-class facility for swim meet!

and having your name up in lights!

Tailors to the rescue - dress trousers & shirt made to measure in 3 days!

I don’t know how long we’re going to be living here.  I do know we haven’t many pictures from around here as it always seemed that picture-taking was for special occasions or holidays. 

I want to focus in on the day-to-day stuff so when my memory starts to fail, I can remember what it was that caught my attention… About living here or about our life.  However exciting or mundane it may be….on any given day.