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A fellow blogger is moving from Qatar back to the US.  In her blog post today, she writes about what she will and will not miss about living in Qatar.  I feel the same about most of what she listed.  At the very end she mentions two things she is excited about:


I’m always going on about missing greenery, trees, etc. but I had to laugh about the cloud bit.  If you stroll through my blog somewhat looking at any of the pictures, you will see what she is talking about.  No clouds.  Really.  None.  Very seldom are there any in the sky.

One of the things I love about living here is the bright sun so in a way I’m contradicting myself.

Our kids are hilarious because having grown up here with no clouds, they always comment on them when they appear in the sky.  Or, they are at times fearful of them and what they may bring, particularly when we’re travelling.  Never having to deal with ‘weather’ extremes can make a person somewhat fearful of the unknown I guess.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh Marjorie.  You made my morning!