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Take a look at the video below – it’s only a few seconds long.  (Be sure to have your SOUND on).

and then this one…..

I am in this park often but usually it’s for some excercise.  So I have my earplugs in, the music up loud, my iPod blasting with music to keep me motivated!  Today however, I was just there for a short leisurely stroll so didn’t have any background music as a distraction.

Walking along, something didn’t seem quite right about my surroundings but I didn’t quite know what it was at first.  What about you?  Did something seem not quite right?

All those sounds of nature, birds chirping in the background …. but where were the birds?  It was the strangest thing!   If you look closely you’ll see 2 flying by…. but this sounded like much more than anything two birds could make.

Upon closer inspection I noticed speakers attached to lightposts.  All over.  I walk a little closer to the speakers and all the glorious sounds of nature become much clearer.  Move away – much fainter sounding.

Absolutely hilarious! 

I cannot imagine having to broadcast the sound of birds chirping over loudspeakers in what is supposed to be a beautiful, natural setting. 

Mind you, it’s not like you naturally find many ducks around these parts either – check these out! 

And in case the sun’s a little too bright, there just happens to be this nice little house complete with green grass for them on the pond…….

It’s always amazing what you can find if you’re paying close enough attention to the world around you.  And sometimes, if you’re lucky, what you notice will often provide a good belly laugh!