I’m having a hard time writing this week. Well, that’s not entirely correct.  I have done a lot of writing but very little ‘posting’.    

1st post – I’m excited, inspired and there’s so much to say about the past week .  But I need to figure it out or somehow process it all first! 

2nd post – too risky, here.  Write it.  Don’t post it. 

3rd post – too risky, here . Write it.  Don’t post it. 

Instead, had a quick tour of the senses today. 

While driving, the smell of fresh-cut grass grabbed my attention as it fought its way through my car’s air-conditioning system .  Turn off the a/c.  Open the windows.  Slow down and savour the air’s freshness as I drive along the busy, crowded, Al Waab Street. 


I hear birds chirping, wings flapping overhead in the rafters at Giant Food’s while shopping for my fruit and veggies.  I smile, knowing it’s not just anywhere that you can grocery shop in a big mall and still hear sounds of the sweet outdoors. 

I taste sweet & sour from the newborn rhubarb in my home-made crisp, and know it is surely spring back where I come from. 


I see some out-of-the-ordinary handiwork, imagining that Edward Scissorhands must surely have paid a visit. 


Practising yoga this morning, I am touched by the way it makes me feel……….