We’ve talked a lot with our kids about their going to University.  In fact, much of our holiday last summer was devoted to showing our kids around some Canadian Universities.  We live overseas so they have no clue as to what universities might be like, where they might be located, how big or small they might be, etc.

While in the Vancouver area we toured UBC, U Vic, and SFU. In Edmonton we showed them around U of A, NAIT. From there we spent some time in Southern Ontario so hit Toronto, Guelph, Waterloo, Queen’s, Ottawa and the Royal Military College.  Hopefully it gave them an idea of different sizes of campuses, campuses immersed within the city and others which are more stand-alone.

Driving dear daughter to gymnastics today the subject came up again.  Going to university, where she might live and all the topics which seem to occupy many of our conversations these days.

She said to me, “so the plan is for you and Dad to pay for us to go to University, right?”

“Yes” I replied, “that’s the plan.”

She paused for a moment. “But do we have to pay you back?”

I laughed.

“No you don’t have to pay us back.”                              

“Well”, she said “I wasn’t sure if like we would have to pay you back, or pay some of it back or what exactly would happen”.

Who knows why she thought this.  Maybe because we’ve talked about how sometimes kids have to pay their own way.  Sometimes, they have to get student loans.  Sometimes they have to work part-time and go to school part-time to be able to afford it.  The various scenarios that might come into play depending on the situation. Including the opportunity for scholarships….. which is one I keep mentioning.

Lesson Learned Today:  You can have the same conversation a hundred times, but never assume what you’re saying is actually what another person understands it to mean.  Particularly with kids.  Even older kids.

Second Lesson:  Perhaps rather than hinting at the scholarship thing I should actually tell them to start looking!!!