I thought I was doing quite well ‘paying attention’, noticing the world around me. It also seemed as though by slowing down and taking the time to notice, some nice things were happening. Well, I spoke to soon! Not about the nice things happening, but about my noticing and paying attention.

I was out once again taking the boys this time to their dentist appointments. Well, first we had to take my daughter and her two friends down to Souk Waqif as they were going there for breakfast.

Driving, more driving….

Very much the same routine as the other day. Went to the dentist, stopped at Ric’s as the boys wanted to eat. Unknown to me beforehand, youngest son had a fluoride treatment done and therefore could not eat or drink anything for an hour, so oldest son and I ate at Ric’s. Youngest son was kind enough to go along but then subsequently asked to stop at Subway on the way home, so I how could I turn down his request?

Driving, more driving ….

Noticing I was almost out of gas, we stopped to fill up and get his Subway at the same time. Driving back we passed by Villagio Mall and the Aspire Park, which is right by where we live. The street to these two areas is currently covered with flags attached to every street light, advertising the IAAF World Indoor Championships.

flags along Al Waab Street

more flags

As well, there are huge billboards around the city advertising the event.

I mentioned to the boys how the championships must have been a big flop as I saw no-one at the site over the past weekend and saw nothing in the newspapers. As I mentioned this, oldest son said “you can’t see the dates of the event very well on the flags; the 13 – 14th of March”. No wonder there hadn’t been much activity surrounding the event as it is not taking place until a month from now! Though one could argue the dates were not prominent enough on the flags, on the other signs and huge billboards they certainly were and yes, I had failed to pay close enough attention to see the month was March and not Februrary.

yes, it says quite clearly 12-14 MARCH

As always, I still have a lot to learn. Some of which is ….. whenever I’m beginning to feel somewhat arrogant about something I should immediately take note and instead, try to be a little more humble. I’ll take that piece of pie now, please.